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You are just a few clicks away from a great looking custom tailored outfit from! To start the shopping process, simply select the type of outfit you are looking for by clicking on the image or the category name below...

Mens Exclusive Collections ...

Upper end cloths - Imported - Recommended for everyday office wear - Excellent Value
Dress and Business Shirts
Only US$72.25
Evening Dress Shirts
Only US$80.75
Tuxedo Shirt
Only US$93.5
Dress Pants, Trousers and Slacks
Only US$148.75
Single Breasted Suits
Only US$420.75
Double Breasted Suits
Only US$480.25
Three Piece Suits
Only US$539.75
Jackets & Blazers
Only US$318.75
Vests and Waistcoats
Only US$148.75
Tuxedo and Dinner Suits
Only US$505.75
Tailed and Morning Suits
Only US$556.75
Overcoats, Topcoats and Outerwear
Only US$658.75

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