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Special Offers and Deals on Custom Suits and Dress Shirts - For Him & For Her

Selected fabrics, Online Offers only
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I have been very eager to sample your work and was overjoyed at the quality and craftsmanship of the suit and shirt. Your site had been viewed more that a year ago. I had been hesitant to place an order because I was skeptical that a quality suit could be obtained by providing measurements online, mailing the fabric, and awaiting the results several time zones away. My skepticism was totally misplaced. The suit and shirt fit like a dream. I provided some very specific details about the pants that were followed exactly. The shirt was a style I have been looking for, yet could not find anywhere here in Washington, DC. The bottom line, is you have earned a customer for life. I look forward to using My Tailors to build and maintain my professional wardrobe. Please feel free to use me as a customer reference or to place these comments on your site. Any concerns I had about the delivery were immediately placed to rest once I realized I could track the order using the UPS link provided on the site. This is an excellent feature. Again, thank you for your prompt and attentive service. Phillip C...............Washington DC, USA

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