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I just received my order for a silk dress shirt and I am very impressed with the quality of the shirt. Thanks for the shirt. The reason I purchased the shirt is that I own a small clothing company that specializes in selling Men´s Silk Dress Shirts, Suits & Trousers. I am currently looking for possible tailor/manufacturers that are interested in private label arrangements and have the ability to produce high quality Silk Dress Shirts. I currently use a tailor in Hong Kong for suits, trousers and high-end cashmere shirts. Our arrangement is we provide the label design and they have our labels created by their supplier. Once a order is placed, they produce the garment and place labels on. Most (75%) of our business is custom made to order - so we are not a large quantity purchaser. We do sell & order ready to wear shirts but in limited quantities (usually 10-20 pieces). I know you have the ability to make high quality Men´s Silk Dress Shirts, deliver finished goods within a 1-3 week period and have access to high quality and assorted silk fabric. If you are interested in investigating a possible private label opportunity I have the following questions: * Do you have access to silk fabric with stripes and assorted textures? Again, thanks for the shirt and I await your reply. David.W - U.S.A.

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