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I had ordered two tailored shirts to see if I would be impressed with the workmanship of your company. When the shirts were delivered I tried them on to see if they fit and how they felt. All I can say is that I LOVE THESE SHIRTS!!!!!!! I have checked out tailor shops around where I live and tried one of them, by far your workmanship and texture of fabric is FAR MORE superior then those that I have acquired through local retailers. I will DEFINATELY return my business to your company and all those that I know I will tell them of you. I have had the pleasure of working with the White House staff on their visit to Iowa and will be again later this year (2004) and will be encouraging them to try your company. I can´t think of the last time I have ever had a shirt fit and feel this good. I just can´t send you enough PRAISE for the quality of your clothing!! I am SO extremely happy that I have found your company. From now on anything that I purchase will be from! you. THANK YOU!!!! David A...........Convention Center Manager, Reinbeck, Iowa, USA

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