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Bespoke Wedding Suits For Gay And Lesbian

Suits For Transgender Men and Women, Gays, Lesbians

Finding suits that fit you the way suits are supposed to fit isn't always possible.
A lot of members of the LGBTQ community struggle with finding clothes that they like and that suit their needs or even fit them properly. Fortunately, we have an ideal solution for you: you can visit My Custom Tailor. My Custom Tailor caters to the needs of all its customers irrespective of their gender or gender identity or sexual orientation. In order to reduce some of the challenges faced by the members of the LGBTQ community especially when it comes to the way they are perceived, we ensure that the clothes we create are made especially for them while retaining their individuality and identity. Very few custom tailors can cater to transgender men and women properly. We at My Custom Tailor have tried to step up to the mark by ensuring at our tailors are capable of meeting all the needs for suits and shirts for LGBTQ, Transgender and cross dressing customers.

Why My Custom Tailor?

My Custom Tailor is a well-known name in the bespoke clothing industry. One of our specialty lies in making custom shirts and custom suits for transgender people. Our master tailors are among the best in the business and are able to make clothing according to your sexual orientation. Furthermore, not many tailors can make the same quality of suits in a superior workmanship and cut that our tailors at My Custom Tailor are so well known for. The cut and silhouette available at most custom tailors are not appropriate for most transgender people as they haven't been created keeping their desired physique in mind. Our custom-made suits fit much better than anything else you'd buy off-the-rack. As a LGBTQ friendly company, we cater to all the sartorial needs of transgender people. From shirts, trousers, blazers, coats, overcoats and topcoats to made to measure three piece suits and custom pyjamas, our tailors can make a variety of custom made clothing. Members of the LGTBQ community have their own personal sense of style. However, more often than not, they are forced to compromise due to lack of options. We at My Custom Tailor tailor have attempted to rectify this by ensuring that we supply clothes to LGBTQ people all over the world.
Known for our bespoke suits, we at My Custom Tailor specialize in custom-made wedding suits for transgender men and women. A major clothing related struggle for the LGBTQ community is finding clothing for gay and lesbian weddings. This is also why we specialize in creating suits and dresses for these weddings, where both partners can wear suits and compliment each other perfectly. Our specialized clothing for same-sex couples includes wedding suits for gay couples and wedding suits for lesbian couples . We also create clothing for the groomsmen and ensure that all clothing adhers to the theme of the wedding. Our customers place the highest amount of trust and confidence in us. Another major benefit that you have in ordering clothing from My Custom Tailor is that unlike other bespoke tailors as our pricing transparency. Our moto is ‘Great custom clothing at an affordable price!

As a transgender, gay or lesbian what all can I order from My Custom Tailor?

We are proud to say that My Custom Tailor is a well-known name in the LGBTQ community for bespoke and custom made clothing for transgender people. Since we cater to the requirements of people of every gender and sexual orientation, we make sure that our clientele can order any type of clothing they require for every occasion. As experts in custom clothing, you can order everything available on our website. Suits, vests, overcoats, pants, tuxedos, blazer, we make a variety of clothing for everyone including, believe it or not, custom jeans and custom made shorts!

What about the fit and figure of Transgenders and Lesbians?

One specific reason why transgender men and women should consider ordering suits from My Custom Tailor, is because of the fitting and the cut of our suits. All our suits flatter the bodies of the wearer. We also cut the suit to highlight your figure, as you want it. Some people prefer their suits to highlight their curves while others want a straight fit. Most other tailors aren't able to adapt their suits to your needs due the gender normative tailoring they usually do. However, for us at My Custom Tailor, what you desire from your suit is our primary motivation. Even when it comes to variety, style, and colors, we can assure you that won't have a lack of choices. Our tailors are capable of making clothing clothes To put it simply, suits for transgender people aren't different. It is the tailoring that is different. Custom-made suits are tailored to fit the person they have been made for. Every transgender person, like everyone else, has a different body type. We at My Custom Tailor believe that every person deserves to look their best and feel good about themselves. Our clothing will be tailored as per your taste. Whether you prefer to dress conservatively or you would like to bring your personal style into play, we will definitely be able to help you out. Great clothing can give you a lot of confidence. This is why we make sure that all our clothing is comfortable and looks amazing on you.

What kind of suits are available for transgender men, lesbian and gays at My Custom Tailor?

We do make a wide variety of suits for transgender people. However, we will take this opportunity to give you more details about the transgender suits that we make. Here are some suits for transgender men that can be ordered from My Custom Tailor:

1) Business Bespoke Suits: Everyone needs to look sharp at work. Unfortunately, transgender men are often subjected to more scrutiny than other men. However, our business bespoke suits will help withstand that scrutiny. Expertly tailored, if you order a business suit from us, it will be made to according to your measurements. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you will not be disappointed. You can have a look at the available designs by following this link:

2) Custom Double Breasted Suits: Everybody looks good in a custom double-breasted suit, especially when it has been made by us. Ideal for every formal occasion, our double-breasted suits are a thing of beauty. Not a lot tailors are able to provide such custom suits for transgender men, but My Custom Tailor is an exception.

3) Men's 3 piece suits - Everybody should have at least one 3-piece suit in their wardrobe. If you don't, you can rectify that mistake now by going to our website, choosing a suit you love and placing an order. A well-tailored 3-piece suit can make a statement like nothing else. Outfitted in one of our custom made 3-piece suits, you are definitely going to turn a few heads.

4) Tuxedos and Dinner Suits: It is vital for a tuxedo to look as though it was made for just you. If you order one from My Custom Tailor, it won't just look that way, it will actually be made for you. Smart, stylish and available in a variety of designs, custom-made tuxedos and dinner suits made by us will definitely make you stand out. These suits are also available in a number of colors and styles, we are confident that you will be able to find something that you like. Here are some of the tuxedos and dinner suits available on our websites:

5) Tailed and Morning Suits: Tailed and morning suits are yet another style of suits for transgender men that is not easily found. If you are a transgender man and need tailed and morning suits, My Custom Tailor should be your go-to tailor. Like all our other styles, these suits are also custom made. They look smarter and fit better than anything you will find in a ready-made store. Our tailed and morning suits are the perfect blend of the modern with the traditional. Wearing one will make you look and feel like nobility. You can follow the link to pick and choose your own tailed and morning suit:

6) Others: My Custom Tailor also makes custom overcoats, blazers, and sports coats. Basically, we have something for you for every occasion. All our outerwear looks extremely smart and like all of our clothing will be tailored to fit. Our woolen overcoats feel as good as they look. Made with the best quality material, they will keep you extremely warm. Available in the latest styles and designs, you won't lack for options. Visit our website to see some of the styles we have:

How do I get a custom-made suit made for me?

A unique service provided by My Custom Tailor is that to order a suit you don't have to visit them, they will visit you. All you have to do is to make an appointment with the travelling tailor. One of our visiting tailors will visit you at your home to measure you for your bespoke suit. Our tailors are well-trained professionals who take all the required measurements personally so that your suits fit as well as possible. They also pay particular attention to detail and to the finishing of the clothing. We also create individual custom paper patterns if so required. As we do free shipping on online orders, you don't have to worry about the extra cost. We hope that you give us the chance to serve you at least once. We assure you that you won't be disappointed in the quality or the fit of our clothing. We also have a number of seasonal discounts and offers available on clothing across the store. We even have number of special wedding offers for you to choose from. Check out a compendium of more information on fashion, trends and the tailoring world.

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