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Standard In Perfectly Tailored Mens Suit

Product Features
Anatomy of a men's suit
A felt-lined color is soft to the touch and let's your jacket double for outerwear when  nights turn cold.

Our felt-lined collars are soft to the touch and provide extra warmth when nights turn cold.

Features pick stitching which evokes the charmingly imperfect look of a handmade suit

Our lapels entail pick stitching, providing the charmingly imperfect look of a handmade suit (Optional - on request only)

Pocket trim is purely decorative but evocative of the way some London tailors mark their custom suite.
Inner Pockets

Contrast, inner-pocket trim is purely decorative but reminiscent of how top London Tailors mark their custom suits (Optional - on request only)

On better men's suits, there is layer of canvas between the fabric and the lining which allows the jacket to conform to your body. On cheap ones, the fabric and  lining are fused.
Canvas Front

On select suits we provide a layer of hand-basted canvas between the fabric and the lining to enable the jacket to conform to the body. Lower quality suits fuse the fabric and lining together. (Optional - on request only)

'Working buttons' (i.e ones that open and close) are more often seen on fine English and Italian suits.
Jacket Cuff

"Working buttons", i.e., ones that open and close, are often seen on fine English and Italian suits. (Optional -- Select as Accessories)

suits standards shirts standards

My Custom Tailors attention to detail and personal service reflect three generations in the custom tailoring business; we are proud of our quality and workmanship, and stand steadfastly behind our work.

Our mission has always been to make high quality, made-to-measure clothing for women and men at affordable prices. We strive to provide creative design, expert assembly, and timely delivery. We have a proud legacy of satisfying the sartorial needs of very discerning dressers.

We have thousands of satisfied customers reviews from all over the world, encompassing bankers to diplomats and business clientele to mainstream consumers. The key to our success is providing a satisfying and lasting alternative to ill-fitting, off-the-rack clothing at an exceptional value for both men and women.

Over 150 years of master-tailoring experience combined with a commitment to quality, further define our legacy. Our Custom Men's Suit are Hand-cut, Hand-Tailored,and Hand-stitched to give true Bespoke tailoring service. A select group of master tailors using proven, bespoke tailoring techniques to create classic clothing items that last for years.

The Internet has evolved as a very effective medium for engaging our clients. On-line shopping is a practical and efficient way for busy people to buy custom-made clothing without sacrificing quality or personal service. Shopping retail stores to find the right combination of quality, style, and value is increasingly time consuming, frustrating, and inefficient.

The web site details the full extent of our operating standards and our extensive custom-made clothing collections. The site enables buyers to review a multitude of options in creating or expanding their personal wardrobe to reflect individualized preferences for style, fabric, responsive service, and quality.

Our staff of 170+ workers is trained as a collective group of custom-tailoring specialists. We meticulously assemble our suits in a staged fashion with experienced craftsmen working on collars, sleeves, buttons, and the jacket body. Pants, shirts, and accessories receive the same conscientious attention to detail. Trained artisans cut the materials, complete component assembly, and finish each garment according to measurements and details specified by our clients.

Custom Men's Suit Features:
  • Hand-crafted collars, with leaf-turned edges for perfect fit and alignment.
  • Hand-basted canvas fronts made in Italy from supple, soft-hair canvas.
  • Hand-shaped and hand-sewn shoulders, using only the finest silk thread.
  • Hand-stemmed sleeve buttons.
  • Armhole construction, using only silk thread.
  • Hand-crafted buttonholes on all jackets, blazers, and coats.
  • Individually shaped and sewn jacket linings of 100% Silk Satin.
  • Over a dozen additional under-pressing steps that ensure assembly integrity and genuine style.
  • Multiple hand-sewn features found only in the world's finest tailoring.
  • Trousers expertly tailored, including hand-finished waistbands and pocketing.
Pants/Trousers Features:
  • Special two-piece waist with anti-roll waistband to ensure comfort and relief from ugly, collapsing waistbands. The waistband curvature is cut using special techniques that prevent fabric roll overs or curls.
  • Zig-Zag Rocap stitching on top of waistband upon request.
  • Nickel coated metal zippers.
  • Woven Silesia inside entire fly.
  • Genuine full French Fly.
  • Standard coin pocket.
  • Heel guards for extra protection from wear at hem.
  • Grippers.
Other features Include:
  • Generous 2-3" hems
  • Every garment component is pattern and color matched(print, color & nap)
  • Buttonholes, pockets, trims and seams carefully matched.
  • Solid or plain fabrics cut on grain.
  • Interior fabric, lining, pocket seams and edges are strengthened to prevent raveling.
  • Interior seams hand pressed for a flat, clean outer appearance.
  • Self-fabric and color match shoulder pads in blouses and dresses.
  • Free flow lining in dresses.
  • sample garment 1
  • sample garment 2
  • sample garment 3
  • sample garment 4
  • sample garment 5
  • sample garment 6
  • sample garment 7
  • sample garment 8
  • sample garment 9
  • sample garment 10
  • sample garment 11
  • Hand Stitched Lapels
    and Pockets
    Hand Stitched Lapels
  • Rope Shoulders
    Rope Shoulders
  • Made to measure with the finest details. Satin linings and imported interfacings are used to bring fluidity to the jacket, a feature rarely seen in off-the-rack productions.
  • Jackets typically incorporate matching lining but contrast or patterned lining is used upon request.
  • Plenty of inside pockets for travel documents, pens, wallets and cigarettes or cigars. The lower pockets are double-piped to allow the flaps to be left out or tucked in as desired.
  • The undersides of collars are felt lined to provide extra roll which distinguishes a superior jacket fit from an average fit.
  • Sleeves have four buttons with workable or non-workable buttonholes. Extra facing from the same fabric on the inside of the sleeve cuffs ensures that linings do not peek out when lifting the arms.
  • Specially-designed sweat pads are added to absorb armpit sweat and perfume oils that may damage inside linings.
  • The entire jacket is uniquely stitched from the inside so no thread is visible. We use the European Style of assembling the jacket shell and lining simultaneously for a superior fit. Each seam is reverse sewn with double-stitch technology to reduce the effects of excessive wear and tear.
  • Center vent and side vents have extra underside surface, preventing the lining from showing when the vents are flapping.
  • Two-button, three-button, or even four-button single-breasted jackets.
  • Double-breasted jackets available with one, two or three buttons.
  • Single, double and no vent options also available.
  • Special jacket designs like Nehru or Mao available on request.
  • Our trousers are made-to-measure with double stitching for long life and protection from excessive wear and tear.
  • Trousers are half lined to the knees in the front but can be fully lined upon request. Only the best and softest lining is used.
  • Cotton shirting fabrics are used for pockets and the crotch area is lined with satin for extra durability.
  • Pocket edges are hand-sewn to prevent pocket linings pulling out when hands are removed.
  • The inside of the pockets in front are attached and fixed to prevent bulging while sitting down.
  • Options of single, double or no back pockets.
  • Two back-pocket options include one buttoned with a reverse loop to protect wallets and other valuables. All pockets made extra deep to prevent unintended loss of items.
  • Waistband is fused with extra-stiff interfacing to prevent band from curling over the belt. We use side grips at the waistband to ensure a firm ride on the waist or hip to prevent trousers from falling and shirts from becoming untucked.
  • A separate hole and button attachment is used inside the trousers at the waistband area to provide a firm grip, ensuring that trousers stay where they are intended to stay.
  • Stays at the cuff are used to ensure that cuff edges don't wear prematurely.
  • The front of the thighs are cut generously and proportionally to ensure maximum comfort when sitting or standing.
  • Straight cuffed trousers are always sewn at an angle to ensure proper length in the front and back. The front length is made slightly shorter than the back to prevent excessive breaks on the shoe and to ensure the back of the trousers reach up properly to the top of the heels.
  • Option of single, double, and triple pleats or no pleats.
  • Horizontal, vertical, slash, and double-piped pockets.
  • Cuffed or straight legged pants.
  • Our shirts are sewn with a minimum of 18 stitches per inch with full single-needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate.
  • Premium interlinings are fused into the collar and cuffs giving a smooth, even appearance.
  • Shirt collars are hand-cut and hand-turned.
  • Built-in stay pockets that prevent the removable stays from showing through the fabric are offered on request.
  • Sleeve-to-cuff pleating gives balance to sleeves.
  • Pearl-coated Mylar Buttons are cross stitched for extra strength.
  • Each shirt is hand finished and hand pressed.
  • Custom tailoring accommodates clients that historically struggle to obtain the right neck size to correspond with their correct sleeve length.
  • Collars and cuffs are double fused with removable stays for extra flexibility.
  • Collar Stays prevent collar points from curling. Elbow buttons ensure a smooth fall to the wrist and the necessary fullness to accompany the upper arms.
  • Optional custom neck button provides a consistent, dressed-up fit throughout the day. The button is part of an extendible tab that keeps the shirt comfortable and the tie in place no matter how much the neck size expands or contracts.
  • All seams have three eighths inch double-saddle stitching to provide extra durability. Extra fine needles ensure no unsightly fabric puckering between stitches. Box pleats on the back of shirts ensure maximum comfort over extended periods.
  • Front placket or plain fronts are optional as are placket-covered buttons.
  • Monogramming an option with all shirts on pockets, cuffs or the chest.
  • One pocket, two, or no pocket options.
  • Non-pleated fronts, pleated fronts, and placket-covered fronts.
  • Barrel or French Cuffs, rounded or square. Collars can be button down, hidden button down, point, Ainsley, or spread collars. Mandarin or stand up collars can be made.
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