This suit is beyond belief, the tailoring is exquisite, the fit is perfect, we are so pleased. My husband does not look good in most clothes he wears because some things is always wrong with them. To look decent we have to spend hundreds of dollars. But thanks to you, Thomas will be looking good all the time. This suit is to walk our daughter down the aisle, in the Bahamas, next month. Thank you.

Sharlette P...........NC. USA

Mens Custom Clothing Best Styles

Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$75)
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$75)
Mens Premium Mens Custom Suits
Mens Premium Mens Custom Suits (US$465)
A tailor-made men's slim cut pair of suit pants elegantly paired with a sophisticated single

New Fabrics this week

Fabric No.2292 - Tessile Esclusiva da Milano - Pure Mink Cashmere
(Pure Wool | Super counts trivera  Heavy Weight (12 Oz - 14 Oz) Solid material for Fall & Winter Weights)
Fabric No.50008 - 100% COTTON Check (ST)
(Pure Cotton trivera  Two Ply All year Check & Plaid material for All Year | All Season)
Fabric No.50047 - Newsiri plain stripes
(Pure Cotton trivera  Two Ply All year Stripes material for All Year | All Season)

New Styles this week

Mens Classic Vintage Suits Double Breasted
Mens Classic Vintage Suits Double Breasted (US$455)

A men's hand tailored suit in an interesting tan shade. This suit is made up

Womens Classic Womens Jackets & Blazers
Womens Classic Womens Jackets & Blazers (US$315)

This women's custom jacket is tailor made to a slim fit with a single breasted

Womens Classic Dresses
Womens Classic Dresses (US$335)

This women's slim fit dress is tailor made in a fine wool blend. It lands

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