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RaviTailor & Team, Just received my suit (RT10545806173). It is perfect! I´ll wear it with pride for your quality and craftsmanship. My wife thinks it is great also, and that´s important! Wish I could order another one immediately, but $$, I´ll have to wait for a birthday or Xmas or something. Only one possible suggestion: we usually wear western belts (big buckle, etc). Belt width is usually about 1.75 inches and belt loops on your pants are much smaller. Has this been mentioned before? This is not a criticism, just a suggestion. Thanks again. Bill. P.S. I have my wife looking at your ladies styles now and she is interested too.

William C...........Fruita, Colorado, USA

Mens Custom Clothing Best Styles

Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$65)
A made to measure men's custom tailored formal work shirt with a slim cut design,
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$65)
A men's classic regular fit no pocket dress shirt with Ainsley collar and barrel cuffs.
Mens Designer Brands Mens Custom Suits
Mens Designer Brands Mens Custom Suits (US$1150)
In the men's Designer Brands custom suit made up of an elegant single-breasted slim cut

New Fabrics this week

Fabric No.12018 - Super 140'S Wool and Cashmere in 1/8th Inch Pin Stripe
(65% Wool 5% Cashmere 10% TR trivera  9 Oz. Stripe material for Spring/Summer/Fall)
Fabric No.12022 - Superfine 120s English Wool Cashmere Tone on Tone Pique
(70% Wool 5% Cashmere 25% TR trivera  10 Oz. Tone on Tone material for All Year)
Fabric No.211 - Wool-blend fabric in half-inch pinstripes
(55% Wool 45% TR trivera  9 Oz. Stripe material for Spring/Summer/Fall)

New Styles this week

Mens Deluxe Mens Jackets & Blazers
Mens Deluxe Mens Jackets & Blazers (US$455)

A slim cut hand-tailored custom suit jacket with a low gorge, track stitched darts and

Womens Exclusive Womens Custom Blouses
Womens Exclusive Womens Custom Blouses (US$110)

A classically sophisticated women's tailor-made formal blouse made in a flattering slim cut, this classic

Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$65)

A men's classically tailor-made formal work dress shirt that will make you the talk of