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received suits today . I am absulutely delighted not with just with the fit but with the quality and personal touch that is very difficult to find in suits today. I am looking for a blue suit (not navy blue slightly lighter) with dominate white pinstripes When live found the material or picture of what i want i will send it to you. many thanks

Michael P. - U.K.

Mens Custom Clothing Best Styles

Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$65)
A made to measure men's custom tailored formal work shirt with a slim cut design,
Mens Heritage Gold Mens Custom Suits
Mens Heritage Gold Mens Custom Suits (US$750)
A stylishly elegant custom tailored suit with single breasted two button suit jacket with pressed
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts
Mens Classic Mens Custom Shirts (US$65)
A men's classic regular fit no pocket dress shirt with Ainsley collar and barrel cuffs.

New Fabrics this week

Fabric No.1147 - Superfine 110s wool from Collezioni Classico di Vitaliano - 1 inch Pinstripe
(70% Wool 30% TR trivera  9 Oz. Stripe material for Spring/Summer/Autumn)
Fabric No.1141 - Super 150s Wool by McKenzie Bros England - in soft classical window pane
(70% Wool 30% TR trivera  9 Oz. Window pane material for Spring/Summer/Autumn)
Fabric No.12023 - Superfine 140'S English Wool Cashmere Herringbone
(80% Wool 20% Cashmere trivera  11 Oz. Herringbone material for All Year)

New Styles this week

Womens Premium Womens Vests
Womens Premium Womens Vests (US$145)

Formal V neck plaid vests displaying high armholes. These wrinkle free handmade black vests create

Mens Classic Mens Jackets & Blazers
Mens Classic Mens Jackets & Blazers (US$275)

A made to measure comfortably cut two button dress jacket with notch lapels, a boutonniere,

Mens Exclusive Tuxedo Shirt
Mens Exclusive Tuxedo Shirt (US$110)

A custom hand tailored men's wingtip collar tuxedo shirt in a confidently stylish black, this