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Did you know: Our Tailors are visiting your city this month! Get Measured by our Expert Master Tailors! Order Custom made Suits, Custom Tailored Shirts, Blazers, Coats and more. Custom Service for men & women. See the latest styles and fresh luxury cloths. Great fit and Top Quality - Hand Made in fabrics of your choice, in colors you love! Customized by our expert craftsmen for the dream fit. See our Tailoring Trunkshow schedule and Make an Appointment with the Tailor for a personal measuring session and consultation.

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We offer competitive prices and substantial discounts for orders that are placed for a large group of people.
For specific details, Email us the following information -
a. Total number of individuals you wish to place orders for
b. Total number of garments you wish to order
c. Fabric number (as shown in our Fabrics List) page that you wish to order from.
d. Styles of each of the garments you wish to order
e. Garment colors
f. Delivery deadline you wish us to work with
g. Proposed date you wish to proceed with the orders
h. Whether you wish us to make a consolidated shipment of the whole order or whether you wish each order to be shipped directly to an individual´s address.
Having this pertinent information will allow us to complete you a proposal.
You can also use our Wedding Orders Form to get great wedding party pricing discounts.

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