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Our Tailors is Visiting your city this month! Get fitted by our Expert Master Tailors! Order Custom made Suits, Custom Tailored Shirts, Blazers, Coats more. Hand Made in latest styles & colors you love! Customized by our expert craftsmen for the perfect fit. See our Tailoring Trunkshow schedule or Make an Appointment with the Tailor today!

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The price of any item depends on the custom collection, catalogue, and the category you order from. Typically, a two piece suit start at US$ 150 and shirts start at US$ 25.
To obtain a price for any garment, visit one of our collections or catalogues as displayed in the main menu and select the custom piece you wish to have made-to-measure. Prices are displayed alongside each type of garment. The workmanship or construction of the custom clothing remains the same within all the collections. You can visit our Compare Prices page to review a full price list. You will find great discounts in our Sales categories and in our Special Offers page.

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