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Custom Suits For Transgender Men And Butch Women

gay wedding

The LGBT Community

The LGBT Community, as we all do, relate to their individual sexual orientation and gender identity. These characteristics define, enable, and empower them as members of society.  In the pursuit of professional careers, LGBT people have challenges that straight people don’t in how they are perceived, how they interact, and sometimes how they dress. However, LGBT people are no different than any Community group in their desire to be accepted and treated as unique individuals with distinctive personalities.

gay wedding

This article addresses clothing styles designed to suit the LGBT Community and how My Custom Tailor represents an ideal source for buying custom-made clothes that meet the needs of LGBT individuals. My Custom Tailor has been providing custom-made suits for Lesbian and Gay wedding parties for many years. We have always recognized the unique challenge of dressing men, women, lesbians, gays, and transgenders that participate as brides-aids and grooms-aids in the celebration of marriage ceremonies. How they identify and choose to dress is their choice; sometimes the clothing is designed to be similar in style, other times it is distinctly different. While suits are an important staple of any wedding ensemble, mixed pieces, styles, and colors can be worn in a way that celebrate the occasion and reflect individual preference. 

The LGBT Community typically purchases a range of suit styles and colors to satisfy their desire to be appropriately dressed for business, formal affairs, social events, out to dinner occasions, and increasingly for casual gatherings. Styles, colors, and the way clothes fit are generally created for broad retail distribution by gender models that reflect a full range of male or female body shapes. The price of a suit can range from a couple hundred dollars to well over 2000 dollars, so where you shop, how you get fitted, and how you make related finishing choices are very important to assure you get good quality and  appropriate value.

Shopping at traditional men’s and women’s retail clothing stores can be very frustrating for the LGBT Community. While these individuals can sometimes buy what they want in these stores, many times they can’t. The personnel that work in these traditional stores may not be able to relate to unique style and fit desires. Gays and lesbians struggle to choose from a range of displayed suits, available in multiple sizes, to choose an item that appears to fit well and look the way they want it to.

These outlets provide tailoring adjustments to make sure sleeves and pant legs are the right length, the waist fits correctly, and the upper body articles fit the midsection appropriately. They don’t have a lot of experience with individuals that choose to wear their clothes in a way differently than they were designed to be worn. Sometimes the tailoring is included in the price, but oftentimes tailoring charges are extra, adding as much as 20% to 40% or more to the final cost of the suit or dress!

Well-dressed individuals that want to earn that distinction are increasingly choosing to work with a Master Tailor in purchasing custom suits and shirts. Buying custom-made clothing is no longer a luxury distinction for only the wealthy and privileged. When anyone first experiences the fit, the fabric choice, and the feel of a custom-made suit or dress, they are well on their way to permanently changing the way they buy all their clothes. Not only do custom-made suits and dresses fit perfectly, after all they are made to a person’s style preferences and specific measurements, they are a great value. 

My Custom Tailor is a third generation manufacturer of custom-made suits and clothes that serves all genders all over the world. Our Master Tailors, also known as Custom Tailors, are among the most experienced and talented in the world. They adhere to proven design and assembly standards that differentiate them from anything available from any other source. My Custom Tailor tailors and fabric cutters are true artisans and specialize in designing and finishing custom-made clothes for all genders. Their greatest distinction lies in their commitment to travel to major cities all over the world to serve their clientele. This allows new clients to experience the unique process of having a Custom Tailored Relationship.

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My Custom Tailor conducts Travelling Master Tailor Roadshows several times a  year in major cities all around the world. These Master Tailors visit these sites to service existing clients and educate new ones on the benefits of buying custom-made suits.Travelling Tailor Roadshows enable My Custom Tailor Master Tailors to bring samples of their work and a representative array of fabrics they incorporate in the custom suits they design and assemble. These roadshows are very popular with members of the LGBT community who come in with the very unique needs, to get measured in person for suits that will not only give them confidence but also show off their unique individuality.

lesbien wedding

A wedding party that includes LGBT members requires expert support in meeting everyone’s requirements. My Custom Tailor Master Tailors have extensive experience working with Gay Weddings as well as Lesbian weddings where the partners want to share their sense of identity and personality with the world thru the medium of uniquely cut and made custom clothing that is perfectly suited to their individual personalities. Our expertise and experience provide them with the trust and confidence that the specific requirements of everyone will be fully analyzed and addressed. Individual style and fit requirements are calibrated against the overall wedding party theme to make sure there is coherence across the whole group. This type of process management is a special service My Custom Tailor provides to any wedding party they make clothes for.

A Master Tailor is trained and oriented to making custom-made suits uniquely configured to the style preferences and the precise measurements of individual buyers. Master Tailors are artisans and may also be referred to as Custom Tailors or Bespoke Tailors. Their distinction lies in their ability to discover and understand the desires of a client, and offer style, fabric, fit, and finishing characteristics that perfectly satisfy specific client criteria. Independent of gender identity these Master Tailors process how any specific individual wants to dress and then designs what is needed accordingly.

The LGBT Community varies significantly in how they dress, the fabrics and colors they prefer, and the fit they want. Some individuals prefer to dress conservatively; others prefer to dress uniquely in a way that meets their desire for non-compliance, comfort, cultural identity, and a specific fit. Think of the advantage of being able to engage a Master Taylor that will relate to what you want and guide you in making choices that give you confidence and satisfaction. You will find these Master Tailors very engaging and fully committed to meeting your needs.

My Custom Tailor is a great alternative to relying on retail outlets. Meeting with these travelling tailors gives prospective clients unique insight into current preferences for style, fabric, color and finishing detail. The quality and value of custom-made suits from My Custom Tailor is among the best you will find from any source. It is very important to understand that the cost of buying custom-made suits from My Custom Tailor is about what you would pay from a retail outlet or specialty wedding party clothing source. Plus, when you buy a custom-made suit or dress as part of a wedding party group the quality far surpasses what you would buy or rent from a retail outlet dedicated to servicing wedding parties. You will make an investment in clothing you can wear for many years.

The most important part of making sure a custom-made suit fits perfectly is to have the Master Tailor conduct a comprehensive measurements profile. The process involves capturing every dimension of your body shape. Every individual has unique measurement characteristics that must be considered in designing and creating a perfect custom-made suit.

The measurements are very important to how the Master Tailor frames the suit or dress and finishes it. He will use padding where it is needed. He will use special basting and layering where necessary to add substance and balance. Muscular frames require much less accessorizing unless the body frame is extremely thin. Muscle adds great dimension and shape to arms, necks, chests, legs and backs. These are very important aspects of making suits for Lesbians, Gays and Transgenders whose body shapes have to be accommodated for.

Finishing details are also essential in adding quality and dimension to custom-made clothing. A wide range of button styles are available. The thread that is used is important to the basting process and stitching all the components together. A Master Tailor has very distinct methods for attaching sleeves, finishing cuffs and lapels, formatting the waist and zipper, adding and spacing belt loops, and finishing the pockets. The attention to detail is extensive.

Even with a comprehensive measurements profile, the Master Tailor will make fine tuning adjustments based on perceived client preferences. When given the choice any gender identity likes extra room through the legs, the shoulders, the chest and the arms. They may like a longer fit through the torso or for shorter people they want balance between the chest and waist measurements to avoid any fit element that distracts or distorts.

Special attention is often needed to accommodate the glutes or the rear. Some people like more or fewer pockets or they may want deeper pockets to accommodate items they like to carry. Collar and cuff widths are also a personal preference. There is no end to the little things that help make a custom-made clothing article a perfect fit for the person it has been designed for. Try accomplishing that kind of detail with a store-bought suit that you attempt to have altered!

lesbien wedding

Take the time to view the My Custom Tailor Website to determine when a Travelling Master Tailor Roadshow will visit your city. Make an appointment and meet a Master Tailor individually or with a group of friends. The tailor will engage you and seek to understand all your needs. He will help you understand the benefits of buying custom-made clothes instead of struggling to find what you want in popular retail outlets. Look at fabric samples. Bring clothes with you that you want the tailor to duplicate or replicate in clothes you order from him. Let your gender specific requirements become the center of his attention. He will create a measurements profile for you or your party that will create a unique template from which he will design and assemble what you need. Give him a price range you want to stay within and he will tell how to meet that standard without sacrificing quality.

Before you attend a roadshow review on the website the quality standards My Custom Tailor Master Tailors adhere to in their work. Review the men’s and women’s clothing collections that are available. Think about how these can be modified to meet your specific requirements. Gender identification is a source of pride. Let My Custom Tailor help you reflect that in the clothes you wear.

gay wedding

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