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My Custom Tailor Choosing The Right Custom Suit


How to Choose a Custom Suit for Your Interview


When its time to begin your search for the perfect job, you must consider your wardrobe options for the inevitable series of interviews, with several prospective companies and businesses as well as several times with one or two companies that shortlist you.

It is therefore very important that you dress well and more importantly, that you dress appropriately for the job you wish to take.

It is true that first impressions are made in the first fifteen seconds – you want to have the best possible first impression. The right clothes, go a long way in ensuring this.

People make a lasting judgment about you within the first thirty seconds of meeting with you. Before you even open your mouth the person conducting the interview has already begun forming their opinions about you.

This simple fact means that the wardrobe choice that you make in regards to the day of your interview can literally make or break your new career.

Apart from selecting the right fit, color, and style for the job that you are interviewing for, it is imperative to pick the right type of clothing also. Afterall, you would probably not be selected if you turned up for a job at a finance company wearing jeans and a polo neck!


Choose the perfect fit

A custom suit is the perfect option for your interview. When you work with your custom tailor they will help you design a custom made suit that will have a perfect fit .. made just for you! As the person who is conducting your interview begins to formulate their opinion about you, one of the first decisions they will make will be based on how the suit looks on you, which in turn is dependent on the fit of your suit.

 A person who takes pride in the fit of their clothing and their appearance  is automatically assumed will also take pride in their company and work performance.

The suit should not be bulging at the chest for example, nor should it be too loose at the stomach. Sleeves should be the right length and not ride up your wrist! The jacket length should cover the buttocks and the pants length should have some break on the shoe.

The tie should be so that its tip ends somewhere between the buckle of the belt – it should not go beyond the bottom of the waistband of the pants nor end above the pants waist.

The shirt neck should be comfortable and not pinch the throat – nor should it be so loose as to show the neck floating around in the center of the  neck of the shirt !!



Select a Dark Color

The next consideration that you need to  make when you are designing your custom suit is the color of the suit. Unless your job is in the fashion industry, then your choice when it comes to the suit that you will wear to your interview should be fairly conservative. Dark colors are more conservative and formal than lighter colors. One of the most appropriate options to choose for a custom suit is the classic navy suit. A navy suit conveys the traditional, flexible and an open viewpoint  and will provide instant credibility to you.

Avoid Black for the suit. Black is very somber and austere. Not very ideal for an interview. It also shows you in poorer light as it is assumed you probably could not afford more variety and so have just the one black suit, suitable for all occasions.

Depending on the type of job you are interviewing for and the industry, you can use other colors like charcoal (finance, banking) or medium grey (insurance), chalk stripe navy (legal) or a sports jacket or blazer and grey slacks (teaching). You don’t want to go into an interview for an executive’s job wearing a handy man’s attire!!


Dress for the Job You Aspire To

The final element to consider when you are designing your custom interview suit is what the dress code is for the job that you are interviewing for. When you arrive for your interview, you want to arrive in a suit that would be worthy of consideration for not just the job that you are interviewing for, but also for the supervisor of that job.

Arrive at your interview with the mindset that you will be walking away from that interaction with a job. Part of that mindset needs to come from the fact that you are wearing an interview  suit that is tailor made for you.


 As you enter a new  business world and prepare to embark on the interviewing process, start by selecting an interview suit for the occasion and for the job. It is important that you make a proper wardrobe selection for your interview as the first impression that the interviewer has of you will greatly impact your chances of landing the perfect position.


On your road to success, speed up your process by making the correct fashion and style decisions.





How to Choose a Custom Made Suit for Every Social Occasion


As you begin to build your custom clothing wardrobe, you must take into consideration all of the social occasions that you will be required to attend during any given year. Those social engagements will help your custom tailor during the design process as you begin to build a versatile wardrobe that will serve you in every situation.

Consider the amount of formal versus informal occasions that will arise during the year. Are there any weddings or black tie events that will take place during the given year? The answers to those questions will serve as the first pieces in your new collection. Once you have your list, you are ready for the work to begin.



Balance your Formal versus Informal Collection

Every great wardrobe strikes a balance between formal and informal pieces. As you are planning the specific pieces that you should add to your wardrobe, make sure that you are designing the appropriate number of formal versus informal outfits. The actual number of custom suits or jackets, shirts etc  that fall into each category will vary depending on your profession and the amount of engagements that you will attend in each category.

There is no one size fits all balance that will work for everyone. That is where your relationship with your custom tailor comes in.  Talk with your custom tailor about your specific needs and your specific events in order to develop the most effective wardrobe possible.


Select Items that are Appropriate for Special Occasions

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to planning for a formal occasion. Invitations can arrive with no warning and it is important to be prepared for those instances. Every wardrobe needs at least one formal suit in order to make it complete. Work with your custom tailor in order to create at least one custom suit that is specifically for those very special occasions.

As a part of your fashion arsenal, you must create at least one look that would be worthy of a black tie invitation.

It would also be beneficial for you to work with the custom tailor during the design process to create several variations of the suit that could be used on less formal occasions. Depending on how you accessorize, the suit can be used much more frequently than you can imagine.


A wardrobe is the culmination of everything that hangs in your closet. Creating the most effective wardrobe for every occasion is a process that requires careful consideration as you choose each individual piece. There is no one set item combination that will work for every individual. Your particular wardrobe balance is based on your individual profession and the events that you will participate in throughout the year. As you begin the process of working with your custom tailor to create your custom suit wardrobe, come prepared to discuss all the events and activities that you will engage in during the year. That list will become the blueprint for the rest of your wardrobe decisions. At the end of the process, you will truly know the meaning of what it takes to be a sharp dressed man.

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