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My Custom Tailor How To Choose A Custom Suit This Summer

How to Choose a Custom Suit this Summer As the summer approaches, it is time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and begin the process of designing your custom suits for the hot summers. Being that it is generally much warmer during summer months and if you live in the tropics, it can be hot, humid and very sticky, climatic conditions play a huge role in what type of fabric and what kind of style as well as the type of construction you want done on your summer suits. Needless to say, it is best to get these climate specific suits custom made since you can customize the features of these hot weather suits. Summer is the time to create looks that are light and airy. As you design your custom suit, take into consideration the color and the fabric type that will be the most appropriate for your occasion. Your custom suit choice should be based on the kind of occasions that you will be attending or the sort of functionality you expect from this suit. Another consideration should be as to the color that looks best with your skin tone and the design elements that are the best reflection of your style and personality. Where are you going? Start your design process with your destination in mind. Each occasion has a slightly different set of style guidelines and in order to get the most out of your custom suit for summer, you must design a suit that will fit all of those needs. When you are choosing the design characteristics of your custom suit based off of where you will be wearing the garment, also think about how formal or informal the occasion will be. More formal occasions will dictate a somewhat darker color choice for the suit. Since it is a summer suit, you would ideally want to get it made in a color suited for summer – for example, tan, khaki, beige, olive, dark olive, light navy and so on. So, if the occasion you will be wearing it in is a formal occasion or if the place you are going to has a tradition of conservative dark colors (New England for example), then opt for dark olives, light navies, medium or oxford grey and so on. If on the other hand, it is a location where lighter more earth tone colors are accepted norm (Birmingham, AL for instance), then ideally you should get a khaki or camel color done for this summer suit. Next, consider whether or not the occasion is a daytime event or an evening affair. If your event is during the day, then you can choose a less formal lighter option for your custom suit. If the occasion is during the evening, then a slightly darker more blue/gray family color is suitable. How HOT is your style? The next design choices you will need to make in consultation with your custom tailor revolves around your own particular style preferences. Do you get Hot easily? If yes, then a very light weigh 6-ounce fabric with no lining or just half lining at the back will work. If you prefer a more structured look that is also not too warm or heavy to wear, you would want an extra light canvas construction or even a fused only, non canvas construction for the jacket. Light padding to go with it. Along with a lighter construction, more open cuts with wider quarters and perhaps a single button at navel to allow for maximum ventilation is another possibility. Regarding the actual style of the suit, every person has design elements that they naturally gravitate to. Those design elements provide insight into your personality and tastes. Certain elements indicate a classic style preference (single breasted, two button) while others indicate a more modern take on fashion (higher gorge spaced buttons with ultra slim lapels for example). And so, you need to work with your custom tailoring team in order to incorporate those specific design elements into your custom made suit so that it is entirely a reflection of who you are. Which colors are HOT on you? Finally, as you are working with your custom tailor, you must focus on your own complexion and individual characteristics. Those characteristics will impact how your color choice will look on you as part of the end result. Start your quest by taking the color quiz. Determine if you have a warm or a cool complexion and then make your choices accordingly. If you have a warm skin tone, then choose softer colors like tans, beiges, khaki or golds as part of your design element. If you have a cool skin tone, then classic colors like whites, ivory, silver, all shades of light grey, medium blue, light blue or very light navy are ideal summer colors for you. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of who you are. Select colors that look good on you and fabrics that you will be comfortable in. Your wardrobe should be both fashionable and functional. Design a custom suit that will best meet your style needs and be a truly functional garment for the climate and the occasion you will use it in.

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