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By Paul Kavanagh

I've always had two distinct streaks to my nature. I've always liked my technological toys, and I've always been a bit of a poseur. I'd been to Alicante one afternoon, looking for assorted plug-in bits for my computer and a new suit. I managed to find the computer parts I was looking for, but had less success with the suit. So call me fussy.

Later that evening I was aimlessly surfing the Internet as you do when the telly is rubbish, which it so very often is. I have friends all over the world and whilst chatting with one in America , I complained about the lack of suits I liked in local shops. He suggested that I consider buying one online. I'd always been a bit dubious about online shopping; I had my doubts about giving out my bank details or credit card information. And even if the company did prove to be reliable and trustworthy, there would be the nightmare of trying to get a package delivered to my house when they shipped my purchase out to me. There are still no street signs in this area, and the problems with the local postal service are legendary. And then how could you be sure you'd receive what you'd asked for? All in all, it seemed to be just one huge pile of problems waiting to happen.

My friend told me how he'd bought some shirts from a tailor in Thailand . He'd gone to the website and ordered online. He chose his fabric from a list on a web page, then being suspicious by nature, that made me all the more suspicious. I felt my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed a “special promotion” section on one website called According to My Custom tailor , if you had your own website and placed a small “banner”(online advert) for his online store on your site, he'd make you a free suit. Now this really did seem too good to be true. And in my cynical experience, if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. I have my own personal website. It's nothing great, just showing off my drawings - which I do with paper and ink and not any fancy computer. Adding a banner to my website wasn't going to cost me anything. I sent an email off to Ravi 's asking for more details.

A day or so later a reply arrived. I was given some simple instructions on how to add the banner to my site, and told that the condition was I had to keep it there for a year. After the year was up, I would be eligible for a free tailor made suit. I'd only previously been able to afford one tailor-made suit. I paid several hundred pounds for it. So putting My Custom Tailor's banner advert on my site and keeping it there for a year really was nothing. I was still rather cynical about the entire thing of course, but then I wasn't losing anything by giving it a go. I put the banner on my website, and promptly forgot all about it.

One year later, to my pleasant surprise, an email arrived from My Custom Tailor telling me I was now entitled to a free suit, and giving me some instructions on how to order one. No limitations were place on styling, and I was given a website address with a selection of fabrics to choose from. Of course there's nothing to bear actually being able to feel a fabric, but each was illustrated with a high quality close up picture, so it was the next best thing. I chose a lightweight black wool stripe. I asked for a three piece suit, and requested that the waistcoat had lapels the poseur in me again you see. I go to specify every detail of the suit exactly as you would when visiting a proper tailor in real life.

The next stage was providing all my measurements and I was directed to a very detailed online form. It took quite some time to fill it all in, and it was pointed cut that accurate measurements were vital, so it was worthwhile taking care over it. Once logged with the tailor, my measurements would be on file, so if wanted to order something in future it would be far easier.

And that was that, I supplied my address for shipping and received regular emails for the next two weeks on so telling me what stage of completion my suit was at. Despite the fact I wasn't paying a penny, or even a centavo, the company certainly treated me like I was a paying customer.

A short time later, I received an email informing me my new suit had been shipped. I was given a tracking number, which allowed me to track its progress to me. Amazingly, it arrived here in Spain all the way from Thailand in a mere three days. All shipping and taxes had already been paid.

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Of course the suit was very rumpled when it go here. It had been tightly wrapped for shipping. I had been advised about this however, and all it required was a light pressing with a steam iron. It fitted me beautifully and it's wonderful quality. Every single detail I had requested had been done to perfection. I can't say the same about the tailors I used when I was living in England . I still can't believe it didn't cost me a penny. Winning things or getting thighs for free have always been things, which happen to other people. I never have any luck with these things. I've never won anything in my life, except for that one occasion I won a frozen turkey in a raffle. And I don't even like turkey.

I've since ordered a few other things from My Custom Tailor and paid for them. All my orders have arrived within a few days of being shipped out, and I have never failed to be impressed by the cheap prices, the excellent quality and attention to detail, and above all the wonderful customer service.

Online ordering is done via a secure web page. Basically this means all your sensitive information is encrypted. Even the most powerful dude breaking computers couldn't access your data. Think how secure that is the next time you hand over your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant and he takes it out of your sight for a while.

Online ordering is quite safe if you use reputable companies. And if you pay by credit card you will be refunded by your company in the event of any fraud.

The suit I got for free would only have cost me 250 euros had I paid for it. That's an amazing bargain for a tailor-made suit. I've since bought another. My problem previously had always been trying to reconcile Saville Row tastes with a Mr. Byrite budget; at last I have found the solution. I've lost all my fears of online shopping. It means that despite moving to southern Spain , away from all the choices on offer in the big shops of London . One really can have the best of both worlds. And dress well into the bargain.

As well as clothing, you can buy just about anything online, books, computer software, DVDs and music. All you need is a valid band card. When purchasing anything always enquire about shipping charges, if ordering from outside the European Union, also enquire what import duties you might be liable for.

You can contact My Custom Tailor through their website at

The site displays a wide range of fabrics and styles of clothes on offer for men and women. As well as suits, they offers shirt, trousers, jackets, dresses and all sorts of both formal and casual clothing. All tailor made precisely to your specifications. And all at a fraction of the price you'd pay in Europe . In fact, often cheaper than buying off the peg. For further information, email them at

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