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Our tailor is visiting California, Illinois, Missouri and Tenessee in Jan! Prepare for the new year with a new wardrobe. Get Measured by our Master Tailors in person! Order Custom made Suits and Custom Tailored Shirts directly with our travelling tailors. Make an Appointment with the Tailor for a free fitting session. We custom make for men and women! Find out more here.
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Special Offers and Deals on Custom Suits and Dress Shirts - For Him & For Her

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Dear Mycustomtailor, I have just received the black suit and two extra trousers you made for me and feel I must write. They fit perfectly (despite my vague measurements !) and are a stunning ensemble. THANK YOU ! To have such a fantastic suit made in England would cost Ģ 1,500 + and although I admit I did not have high expectations, you have exceeded them beyond measure. I will DEFINITELY be ordering my suits from you in future ! In fact, I have already got an idea for my next suit. I am after something "Rock & Roll"-ish. I should very much like a silk suit made in a purple or blue. Single breasted ? I donīt know yet ! Something that will "blow my audience away". Can you suggest something ? Perhaps purple, blue or black silk unless you can think of something REALLY amazing ! You will have my measurements on file. There are so many "rip-off" merchants out there in Cyber-world that itīs a total pleasure to make acquaintance with people so efficient and with such attention to detail !!!!!!! I really canīt praise you enough ! A friend has a hand-made suit from London and this suit beats it hands-down. I cannot wait to wear it. The extra trousers are superb, too, with your suggestions working out perfectly. Really, I canīt thank you enough. And so QUICKLY !!!! Send me more cards, I will gladly carry them around to give to friends &c. Please DO let me have your thoughts on a "Rock & Roll" suit ! And rest assured, this wonīt be my last purchase !!! Feel free to put my message on your website - you deserve all the praise you can get. If you like, put my e-mail address on the website and if anyone mails me, I will TELL them just how brilliant you are !!!!! Again - many, many, many thanks !!!! And all good wishes for your continuing success ! Best, Paul E...... 17th July, 2002 Paul E....Lancing, West Sussex , UK

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