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I had the recent pleasure of meeting Ravi Daswani, CEO of My Custom Tailor, and talking with him about the My Custom Tailor Travelling Tailor Road Show Tour in a downtown Edinburg luxury hotel where he was helping his team set up for one of their quarterly roadshow events. My Custom Tailor is one the oldest and best BESPOKE CUSTOM TAILOR companies in the world. Over several generations of family members, they have maintained a comprehensive shopping experience for ordering Custom Men’s Suits, Men's Shirts, Women's Suits, Custom Shirts and Blouses, Blazers, and Formal Wear. Within the past few years My Custom Tailor has evolved this unique shopping experience with an online web site presence that has greatly expanded their consumer reach.

My Custom Tailor will visit Edinburg to engage new and existing clients and display their collection of high quality custom-made clothing for men and women. This is a great opportunity for discerning shoppers to discover the unique properties of My Custom Tailor Men’s and Women's Suit and Shirt Collections. It is easy to preview what they offer by visiting their link that describes how custom suits are made. They manufacturer all their clothing in Thailand and never subcontract any portion of the production process. This gives them complete control over all aspects of design, fabric assembly, and quality. The result is first-class workmanship and a consistent level of high-quality output.

My Custom Tailor regularly visits Edinburg to showcase their wide range of Men’s Suits, Men’s Custom Shirts, classic single-breasted and double breasted suits, formal suits, blazers, and three-button designer suits.  Women’s clothes include Women’s Suits, Pant Suits, Formal Wear and Shirts and Blouses.

Mr. Daswani takes great pride in how his Master Tailors  introduce the benefits of custom-made clothing to men and women in helping them understand a satisfying and lasting alternative to purchasing ill-fitting, off-the-rack clothing. He stressed the little known fact that custom-made clothes are available at an exceptional value, often at prices below what is paid in retail stores. He emphasized that My Custom Tailor extraordinary performance record has evolved from over 1500 years of custom tailoring experience combined with his personal commitment to quality and customer service. Their Custom Made Suits are uniquely designed, configured, and assembled, using proven, traditional Master Tailoring techniques that consistently deliver classic, enduring clothing items.  My Custom Tailor Master Tailors and Cutters are highly skilled with years of experience. My Custom Tailor clothes reflect the unique, hand crafted benefits of special linings, hand-basted canvas, and buttons.

I asked Mr. Daswani about the intended agenda when his Travelling Tailors regularly visit major cities around the world. “Custom Tailoring is a time honored tradition that most consumers have never experienced. My intent in visiting Edinburg is to show people the full extent of what we offer and have them measured for custom-made suits, shirts, pants and blouses. I want our Travelling Tailor Roadshow to be an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Within a casual environment, attendees learn the personal satisfaction and value of working with a Master Tailor. They are shown how custom-made clothing is created to their exact specifications.” He went on to say, “Custom made clothes is not an expensive or impractical option for the average person. Measurements taken in person or sent over the internet will logically and accurately be reflected within garments assembled and detailed in Thailand, and delivered back anywhere in the world.”

The ongoing format for the Edinburg Tailoring Roadshow, is for men and women to meet and interact with a Custom Tailor that helps them understand a variety of clothing options and narrow their preferred choices from styles, fabrics, and finishing details that are perfect for them. They get expertly measured and, with the support of the Visiting Tailor, establish a knowledge foundation for choosing and specifying garments that are a perfect look and feel for them. Mr. Daswani stresses that, “Custom-Made Clothes will always look and fit better than off-the-rack bought clothes. The same level of quality will cost the same or less than clothes bought in a retail store. The individual detailing will be masterful and distinguishing.”

Mr. Daswani made a special point of confirming that My Custom Tailor makes clothing that provides comfort and style for all different sizes and special requirements. He talked about how he offers special assistance to disabled clients and clients with special sizing requirements, “Our measurements customization helps meet the unique requirements of disabled clients or those that must spent long hours in a wheelchair. Big and tall size clothing is made for men and plus sizes are customized for women. We can use our custom measuring expertise to create extra room where required. We have lots of experience making a perfect fit for people with unusual proportions, such as extra-long arms or legs, extra thick legs, or large necks. This is always done at no extra charge“.

Beyond the quality of the clothing, Mr. Daswani differentiates his company in the way his Master Tailors provide confidence that Custom-Made Clothes will fit perfectly. “Clothing bought off-the-rack from retail stores never fits the way made-to-measure clothes do. Retail buyers frequently have to pay for expensive and time consuming alterations. When you buy custom made clothes from My Custom Tailor, no matter how much weight you gain or lose over time, you receive free alterations for one year and available alterations for life.”

The  Edinburg Travelling Tailor Roadshow includes the capability to view and evaluate a range of styles and fabrics that are brought to the roadshow site. My Custom Tailor offers five different style collections ranging from Classic Styles to high-end ensembles that feature the finest fabrics and detail finishing available. Each collection has multiple types of suits, shirts, pants, blazers, coats, and formal wear for both men and women. When it comes to getting value, Mr. Daswani emphasizes that, “My Custom Tailor  collection choices enable clients to buy custom-made clothes that work within any budget. Travelling Tailors bring sample suits and shirts, and fabric swatches for clients to see and feel. My Visiting Tailors teach you how to rate and value these fabrics in making informed decisions.”

Edinburg is a multiple climate location that requires garments and fabrics that work effectively across all seasons.  Ravi Daswani described it this way, “My Custom Tailor Travelling Tailors show you important characteristics of different fabrics; their weights, available patterns, related comfort, and associated durability. Certain fabrics can be worn often while others are more appropriate for occasional wear or special events. You get to see how various fabrics feel and get expert advice on how to value the fabrics in choosing the one(s) that suit you best”.

“Our Custom Tailors offer finishing customization that you rarely see in off-the-rack clothing. Monograms in a range of styles and patterns are a standard option. Beyond that we show clients how they can specify special design features like extra-large pockets, special collars, pleat patterns, stitching options, lining features, custom buttons, and comfort vents”, explained Mr. Daswani. He further expanded, “Where can you get that kind of special support that turns ordinary suits, shirts, and pants into uniquely detailed custom garments? Certainly not from any retail outlet and not from store tailors that may never have even seen or delivered that kind of detail”.

Mr. Dawani was passionate about his ongoing desire to create a uniquely rewarding environment at all his roadshows. “When you attend the Edinburg event, bring a favorite garment or style that you would like replicated. Bring a picture or image link you want replicated. Our Custom Tailors will expand your perspective by sketching pieces and options that help you get what you want. These tailors are as creative as they are engaging! Men’s and Women’ Suits, their wearers have grown attached to, can be recreated or made even better by working with our Visiting Tailor.”

The CEO then went on to talk about his strong affinity with the Jewish Community. “We own our manufacturing facilities which enables us to make custom-made clothing that meets important religious requirements such as Halacha compliance and specifically the avoidance of Shatnez.” He went further to say, “We understand the need to use extreme care in the mix of fabrics and threads used to make clothes that are devoid of Shatnez. The Jewish Community requires access to clothing manufacturers that understand the importance of Shatnez and undertake diligent measures to make sure any attachment of wool to linen is rigidly avoided. We charge extra for this kind of delivery specification”.

Mr. Daswani described the custom tailoring of My Custom Tailor as being similar to the traditional and highly specialized tailoring art form known as Hong Kong Tailoring. “Our Custom Tailors and Fabric Cutters have years of experience and take great pride in making clothes that fit exactly as specified. We provide them access to the best fabrics in the world.  I can confidently say that suits costing USD 350 receive the same meticulous care as ones that costing USD 1800. The difference is simply higher grade fabrics and custom finishing details that distinguish higher priced items.”

So, what precisely happens leading up to, during, and after the Edinburg Tailoring Roadshow event?

    It is essential that you make an appointment online using the link, Meet our Tailor, and a confirmation will be sent to you
    Reminders are sent to you on your specified date and the Visiting Tailor himself calls to confirm the suite number where he will meet you
    You must arrive in business attire and avoid wearing any type of casual clothes or shoes. You want the tailor to see you in clothes that reflect the styles and colors you typically wear
    You will be assigned a unique client account number to use going forward
    The Visiting Tailor will interview you to discover your specific preferences in terms of styles, fabrics, colors, etc., and will show you a full range of fabrics
    He will inquire about your personal life style; what kind of activities you partake in, what kind of work you do, whether you have physical attributes you want accommodated, how much you sit or drive, etc.
    Once the tailor determines budget and style preferences, he will offer a short list of options that best meet your requirements
    He will show you samples that provide perspective for what you are considering and answer any questions you have
    50 traditional tailoring measurements will be taken and stored within your account profile
    A detailed and personal discussion of all the key variables will be followed by order placement
    Your item(s) will be delivered in 4 to 8 weeks. When multiple items are ordered, we suggest that one is selected for delivery first to confirm the fit is perfect.
    If an item doesn't fit right, the client ships it back to us for adjustment and it is return shipped.  We provide lifetime alterations and alterations at no charge for the first year.
    You check the status of your order by entering the Web Site and clicking the 'Sign Into My Account' tab in the upper right corner. You can call or email Customer Service anytime to check on the status of your order.


The last thing Mr. Daswani talked about was how much he enjoys attending these events himself. “We always encourage attendees to family members, friends and business associates to share the experience. We do everything we can to make these events enlightening and fun. I guarantee you will never think about buying clothes the same way you have in the past. We give people an incentive to bring people by offering special deals and discounts for orders that are placed together.  Having someone with you during custom measuring is an enjoyable experience that you can talk about for years.”

The Website is easy to access and navigate. Their FAQ section contains answers to over 250 commonly asked questions about what we do and how we do it. Your ‘MyAccounts’ sign-in gives you 24 hour access to everything you have ordered or have in-process.

Mr. Daswani is a real veteran of the custom clothing business. He is a joy to talk to and, of course, was impeccably dressed.  His passion is helping people understand the quality and value anyone can enjoy when experiencing free wardrobe consultations and ordering made-to-measure custom clothing.

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