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Womens Bespoke Low Waist Plaid Shorts

Style 15812

Comfortable low waist plaid shorts with distinctive frogmouth front pockets on both sides. They put on view stunning hand sewn hems and cuffs and close with a zipper fly and waistband buttons. These bespoke shorts can be order made with easy use fabrics.

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  • Season
    • Fall & Winter Weights
    • All Year | All Season
    • Summer | Lightweight
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    • Textured
    • Solid
    • Corduroy
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    • Denim
    • Houndstooth
  • Weight
    • Three Ply All year
    • Medium Weight (9 Oz to 11 Oz)
    • Light Weight (6 Oz - 8 Oz)
    • Heavy Weight (12 Oz - 14 Oz)
  • Composition
    • Silk | Easy Care
    • Wool | Wrinkle Resistant
    • Pure Cotton
    • Wool & Cashmere
    • Alpacca Wool | Wrinkle Free
    • Cotton Rich | Wrinkle Free
    • Blended Wools W/sheen
    • Poly Blends | Wrinkle Free
    • Stretch Cotton
  • Price
    • US$95

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Low waist

Pleat Style
Flat front

Front Pocket
Frog Mouth Pockets

Back Pocket
No Back Pocket

Standard Hand sewn Cuff hems

Detail for this Custom Made Shorts

Style 15812()
Style 15812()


background fabric

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