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Womens Custom Shirts

Only US$125

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Handsewn trendy summer shirts with a string tie vent and seven contrast buttons in black. Spellbinding white casual shirts flashing a semi-spread collar, 2.¾ inches high on the front and 1.¼ inches wide on the back. Cuffs are neatly rolled inside the sleeves and the neck flaunts a yoke shaped pattern. Custom-made with an elasticized waistband for figure flattering silhouette. Donn with slim cut custom denims to ace a casual office look.
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Cut : Loose
Collar : Semi Spread Collar
Front Collar Length : Standard front Collar 2.3/4Inches
Back Collar Heigh : 1 1/4 inch standard collar height
Cuffs : Roll-up inside sleeves
Pocket : No Pockets
Front : Plain Front
Buttons : contrast color buttons
Front Dart : No dart
Back Dart : No dart
Back : Plain Back
Yoke : Standard Yoke
Tail : Standard tails
Special : Elasticzed waistband
Special : String tie vent
Event : Casual
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