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Our security protocols and associated underlying technologies exist to protect our clients. The majority of credit card fraud over the Internet involves people e-mailing their credit card account numbers to merchants, or web sites accepting credit cards without using appropriate security protocols. Such potentially insecure data transmission is not used at We deploy the latest in Internet and electronic commerce security:
- Operating System Security - uses a Linux operating system. We utilize strict security procedures (secure users, groups, and passwords).
- Database Encryption - gathers customers, products, and orders into secure databases with passwords set up at the table level. Individuals typing on the computer on which this database is stored would have to know the database passwords to gain access to the information.
- Encoded Credit Card Slips - Credit card transactions (or slips, as they are known in the banking industry) are encoded using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standard, which involves 256-bit encryption. Even if someone were to intercept a transaction, they would not be able to gain access to the information. Your credit card information goes directly to an accredited bank or payment processing system. The number is purged immediately after the transaction is processed, so there is no way for anyone to ever see it.
- Our Privacy Statement: does not disclose, sell, give out, or otherwise misuse any information you provide including but not limited to, email addresses, names, previous purchases, addresses, measurements, etc. We value your patronage and will always do our best to keep your information strictly confidential.

Important Notice: ALL orders go through a screening/verification process. We may ask for additional identity verification documents which would be required for order completion. Such documents MUST be supplied via email as an attachment or via fax as required, PRIOR to order shipment. If fraud is detected and verification documents are not supplied, information may be forwarded to country authorities to initiate legal proceedings. Should an order be placed without supporting documents and fraud is not detected, an order will be cancelled and a cancellation charge of 25% will be deducted before a refund is issued to the card. To read more detail on our security procedures check out this link..

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