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These are all security features built in to credit card issuing companies to protect card holders and merchants from fraudulent activity. The CVV/CVC number is a three digit number displayed at the back of the card in the same strip as the card holders signature. This is a security measure initiated by Visa and MasterCard. The Amex four digit security number in printed on the front of the card just under the last four digits of the embossed card number. ´Verified-by-Visa is a new security system instigated by Visa Card to guard against online fraud and unscrupulous activity. Cardholders are issued a password that is entered in the appropriate field of the payment submission form. When the password is entered, this information is then verified by Visa International to confirm that the person submitting the payment is indeed the card holder before Visa authenticates the charge card and authorizes funds to be released. If you don´t have a ´Verified-by-Visa´ password, enter your social security number where requested and we will help you obtain the necessary password.

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