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Our Tailors is Visiting your city this month! Get fitted by our Expert Master Tailors! Order Custom made Suits, Custom Tailored Shirts, Blazers, Coats more. Hand Made in latest styles & colors you love! Customized by our expert craftsmen for the perfect fit. See our Tailoring Trunkshow schedule or Make an Appointment with the Tailor today!

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If the order is standard processing, it takes 6 weeks to complete an order provided all required information is received, and four to six working days for transit.
Orders can be tracked online in MyAccounts after the package has been shipped.

For Re-Sellers, Partners and Associates, swatch sets may take a longer time to complete. Exact schedules for swatch sets to Re-sellers are confirmed on a case by case basis. If fabric swatches or a Digital Catalogue are ordered, they are prepared in three working days and then shipped out. If swatches or the catalogue are shipped by courier, delivery is three to four working days. If airmail is specified, delivery can take four to six weeks. There is no tracking facility for airmailed swatch orders.
We send out constant email updates as soon as orders are processed. To track packages, use the tracking facility provided in MyAccounts under ´current orders´.

In regards to the Estimated Dispatch Date, it is also displayed in MyAccounts where your order is listed. This is the date we expect your order will be shipped by,
depending on the current volume of work. In most instances, we ship orders before the estimated dispatch date.
Ready-to-wear items in-stock items are shipped in 24 to 48 hours.

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  13. What is the difference between priority processing and rush processing?
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