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We use a mix of traditional old-world construction and modern techniques in the construction of our jackets/coats/shirts. Normally, the panel interlinings in our suits and coats are a combination of fusion and canvas. The top-breast panels are fused and incorporate hand-basted canvas interlinings for added support and the lower half of the jacket front is fused for increased flow and drape. We prepare full canvas or full fusion interlinings on jackets and coats if this is desired, for a small premium. Only the finest threads are used for hand-basting so that the outer shell of the jackets and coats seem to float on the body when worn. All our shirt collars are double fused for added durability and stiffness for top of the line construction quality.

- All our shirts are sewn with a minimum of 12 to 18 stitches per inch, depending on the fabric being used, with full single needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate.
- Premium interlinings are fused into the collar and cuffs, giving a smooth, even appearance.
- Our shirt collars are hand-cut and hand-turned.
- Built-in stay pockets prevent the removable stay from showing through the fabric.
- Sleeve-to-cuff pleating gives balance to the sleeves.
- Pearl coated Mylar buttons are cross stitched for extra strength.
- Hand-finishing and hand-pressing insure individual attention to each shirt.

Our clothes are made to wear well and look good for years. Off-the-rack clothing is made close to the edge in every seam; our custom clothing is made with large margins. If needed, pant waists can be increased by three inches and jackets can be expanded by three to four inches. We maintain a high standard of QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP with dedication to customer service.
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