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We provide special pricing discounts for bundled orders that encompass multiple people. A comprehensive order package can be effectively discounted so that price breaks
can be enjoyed by a group of people placing their orders together.
Send the following order information via email so we can determine the appropriate discount to offer and begin processing your order:
- Total number of items to be made
- Style number for each item
- Fabric number for each item
- Color for each item. (email us in this format; 1 suit, fabric 101, color black, style 1 and so on)
- Special requests details for each item
- Measurements for each individual are submitted by logging into ´MyAccounts´ and using the links on the left menu.
Having all the pertinent information as detailed above will enable us to customize your special discount depending on the total volume ordered
Alternatively, there are always Special Offers available where substantial savings can be realized on individual items.

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