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My Custom Tailor How To Evaluate A New Men S Tailor

So, you're looking for a new men's tailor? If so, you probably have a lot of concerns. While most tailors have to spend a lot of time getting to the point where they can open their own shop, there is always the possibility that someone opens one up without having the right level of experience. So how do you avoid these kinds of shops? How can you make sure that you're getting your clothes altered by the best craftsmen? It's rather simple, actually, and this short guide will have you on the right track to finding someone who is perfectly suited for your needs.

Before we get in to evaluating a tailor you need to find a tailor. The good news is that there are tailors in just about every city. No matter how big or how small. The bad news is that a lot of them just don't cut it when it comes to having clothes properly altered. If you want to make sure you find a really great tailor, make sure you consider these points; the tailor's rankings on the common rating sites, his or her regular availability, if they're not open when you can use their services, they won't really be able to help you, the types of tailoring that he or she specializes in, not all custom tailor shops can handle all tailoring projects. There's better news, though, you can find a tailor that travels, and most of the best do this on a regular basis. Also make sure that you and your tailor can agree on pricing. Fashion really is not something you should lose sleep over and neither is pricing, and it shouldn’t be your primary incentive when looking for a great tailor. The facts are pretty simple! Good tailoring is worth paying more for and you will see this when evaluating a tailor, and bad tailoring is a waste of your hard earned money entirely. One thing you should certainly do is a bit of comparison shopping. You really shouldn’t settle with the first tailor you find. If a tailor is charging four or five times as much as other tailors in your area, it’s worth asking yourself what he or she offers that justifies the price. That said, a truly great tailor who satisfies both your clothing needs and your shopping expectations is a rare treasure, something that many people spend years looking for. If you find one, don’t let the price stop you. You should always get an estimate on the time needed by the tailor to perform the alterations that you need done. The truth is that the best tailors are in constant demand for very obvious reasons, expect their schedules to be full most of the time. A sensible expectation for your basic, minor adjustments should be anywhere between 2-3 days to a week, two weeks at the most if the tailor is very busy and they are completely booked up. You could also look for a tailor online or ask around at your favorite menswear store. Now that you know how to find a tailor, let’s get in to doing an evaluation to see if the tailor is worth your money.

A Good Men's Tailor has Lots of Samples

If you're not sure whether or not your tailor is any good, ask him how many fabric he has on hand, this is crucial when evaluating a tailor. The best alterations and custom shirts don't come from a standard stock of fabrics. They come from the creative genius of a tailor that knows what he's doing. A great painter doesn't rely on three colors for his palate. He not only has dozens of unique and distinct colors, but he also knows how to blend them all together to create a work of art. A real men's tailor does the same. His shop should keep dozens of fabric samples on hand at any time. If they don't, you might want to look elsewhere.

A Good Men's Tailor Keeps Up with Fashion Trends

Have you ever walked into a tailor's shop and noticed that he seems terribly out of date with fashion trends? The best not only know what classic fashions will remain timeless, but they also understand current trends. This doesn't mean that he needs to maintain a subscription to Men's Style Magazine, or GQ Magazine. But he should definitely be able to talk to you about the latest fashions. If you really want to put him to the test, hop online to any men's fashion forum and find out what is currently popular. When you show up at his shop, you can “talk shop” with him! If he seems to know what you're talking about, then it's a good sign. He doesn't have to agree with what you think looks good, but he should definitely know about the current trends and have his own opinions on them.

Finding the Men's Tailor that's Right for You

You don't want to just limit your search to the local shops. Of course, you should consider all of the local men's tailor shops in the area. Do what you should and check out their reviews on the popular online rating sites. If you're looking at working with a particularly pricey tailor, don't hesitate to ask for references, too. For instance, some custom shirts, custom suits, or even simple alterations can cost hundreds of dollars per garment. If you're spending that kind of money, you want to know that this tailor has other happy and satisfied customers. The best men's tailor won't hesitate to give you several references right on the spot. Of course, as stated above, you shouldn't limit your search to your local area. There are plenty of tailors that travel the world to deliver their services. Most of them will take your measurements and share their fabric samples. From there, you simply let them know what you're looking for, they handle the alterations or craft a completely custom piece, and mail it out to you. This is a popular method for the best dressed men in the world. They know that they can find the best men's tailor by expanding their horizons and working with someone in another location.

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