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My Custom Tailor invites everyone who has ever ordered custom suits or shirts from us to share your views and experiences. We value your comments and appreciate the chance to improve our service in the future. Well written comments that are accurate and informative, will be placed on this page for all visitors to see.

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The suit arrived! IT IS WONDERFUL. The lapels are perfect. The fit is perfect. The price is perfect Wow! Please give my compliments liberally. I am VERY happy. Can you keep a file on my profile that describes the lapels as you did them? They are divine. I should like to use this template for future suits!
 Timothy D...... Los Angeles, CA, USA
I will like to compliment the good services I have enjoyed from "My Custom Tailor" over the years. The fittings havent always been perfect but the fabrics have been flawless with a special and lasting statement. I particularly enjoyed my most recent shirt orders which have been the best fitting garments I ever made and I want to appreciate the customer service representative Richard who was very helpful and guided me through my fabric selections, and the delicate process of determining the correct measurements to submit. The end result is a pleasure that has been worth the while. Thanks.
 Fola R..........Lagos, Nigeria
Quality! Great Service! Good Value! It was a very special feeling receiving my Tuxedo and shirt that have been hand made with care and attention to my exact specification. I happily recommend My Custom Tailor if you are looking for a tailored outfit!
 Colm McG.... Down, Northern Ireland, UK
Hello Vicky, First, are you the same Vicky with whom I met and worked with in person when I visited your store? What year was that? My order arrived. I tried on my first pair of pants. They are the brown corduroys. I had been expecting the jean-color first, but it nor being made first is no problem. Your colleagues/tailors’ work to make my brown corduroys turned out absolutely perfect in each and every detail. I think the pants could not have been better measured by your representative who met with me in Madison. They could not have been more perfectly made. They could not be more perfectly tailored as they are. To use the word Awesome is to understate your extremely high quality services and your tailor’s highest technical quality of work. I am very, very pleased. I request you to proceed to make three additional pants — two khaki and one jean — exactly the same measurements as the ones I just received. If they can be processed in the normal, attentive process without any rush for them to reach me by Christmas, I would be very grateful. Now knowing you have my correct, accurate measurements and styling preferences, I want to order one more pair of corduroys. Please send me the link to your corduroy corduroy material of the same material as my brown corduroy pants you just made for me. Please quote me a price for the pair of pants. In addition, I found material that catches my eye. It is twill from the mill of Italian Duca Visconti di Modrone. If so can you send me a link to its color choices? If not can you obtain such material and what colors? Again, I am very, very pleased above my reasonable exceptions for your services and work for my new brown corduroys. I have adjusted upward my similar expectations for my additional ordered three pants. Thank you very much. Be safe,
 Kevin C .... Verona, WI, USA
we appreciate you and your impeccable business ethics and professionalism. These are the best tailoring job ever. Your measurements are perfect. The best pants and suits of my life. Thank you
 Dr Obi.... Tampa, FL, USA
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