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Thank you so very much for getting my rush order in a timely manner. The client I provided it to was more than pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. You guys always, always come through! Thank you again. I am so pleased.
 J. Moore.....Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
Hello tailors at Ravis Custom Tailors! Thank you so much for your outstanding work in getting the rush order for the suit jacket for my client, Ch.Dunye! I am so deeply grateful for each and every one of you who helped make this order and experience for my client a very special one. Thank you so much! The jacket was well-received by my client! Please let everyone know how much I appreciate them and their work. You are truly an amazing team!
 T C C - San Francisco, CA, USA
I am A very satisfied customer. I have been a Ravis customer for years and I keep coming back when I want a new dress suit made. My experiences with Ravis and their tailors and other personnel have always been positive. Even when I wanted to make changes to purchase order, the staff at Ravis have always been helpful and willing to please. Ravis staff always quickly respond to emails and make sure that they completely understand what the customer wants before proceeding to finish your order. Despite the distance, Ravis is from the United States and San Francisco, California where I live, it feels like they are right around the corner taking care of your order. I have purchased about 8 or 10 dress suits from Ravis and will continue to buy more. When walking around the streets in downtown San Francisco or sitting in a conference meeting, I always get compliments about the Ravis suit I'm wearing. The fit is simply perfect! I am an extremely satisfied customer. I highly recommend, Ravis Custom Tailor!
 Alijah R.........San Francisco, CA, USA
GREAT job on this order...could not be happier. The suit fits perfectly, the fabric and details are top notch, and my second pair of Indian pyjamas are fantastic. Once again, you came through. Thank you so much!! Best,
 Jake S.......Atlanta, GA, USA
Everything is lovely------------------------perfect---perfect-----perfect. These are just like the first ones. Thanks. Job well done i was very scared See you again in October.
 Barbara C..........Charlotte, NC, USA
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