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My Custom Tailor invites everyone who has ever ordered custom suits or shirts from us to share your views and experiences. We value your comments and appreciate the chance to improve our service in the future. Well written comments that are accurate and informative, will be placed on this page for all visitors to see.

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After my most recent and very responsive experience with you, I want to comment about the continuing outstanding customer service and highest quality tailoring I continue to receive from My Custom Tailors. Having relied on you and your tailors as my custom tailor since 2005, I again received recently outstanding customer service and the highest quality of tailoring for my recent pant order. customer service provided to me again the prompt within a day or so to the united states response to my questions about my order, responsiveness that I have experienced for years. Your tailors patterned, cut, and sewed my two pair of pants to fit perfectly, unlike any pants I could find and purchase off the rack in a retail store. My new pants are very comfortable. they make me feel special when I wear them. I am sure I’ll be ordering more from you. Thank you again for your outstanding services. (You may publish my comments)
 Kevin C.....Wisconsin, USA
Good morning, I received my clothing and they are wonderfully made. The quality and craftsmanship is superior. If you have a close out special on Medici fabrics please let me know how much another bundle like the one I just bought would cost at close out!
 Pastor Roosevelt W.....Fairburn, GA, USA
Thank you for the email. I really like the measurements of all of my suit jackets and coat that I received. I cannot wait to receive my other 2 coats. The weight is perfect for Southern California, and so beautiful and stylish. Will I be able to order another 3 for the same price of $2,200? As for the feedback form, I don’t have the exact measurements. I’m sure you do. Please keep it all the same with my new sleeve length. I do not plan on purchasing custom made clothing from anyone else. I have been with you for many years. You have kept me very happy. Regards,
 Ernesto M...... CA, USA
The My Custom Tailor team are truly customer focused and go out of their way to listen and attend to people's individual requirements. And what could be more individual than the clothes we wear every day. I have been wearing My Custom Tailor clothes for many years. In the case of their chinos I have worn them on a daily basis. What has struck me is that these clothes are engineered, by which I mean that they are well designed and constructed, resulting in clothes that last and continue to look really good.Order with confidence.
 Mark B.....Seattle, WA, UA
I wanted to email you to thank you for the exceptional and exquisite suit! It is a masterpiece! I am absolutely delighted with it! I also wanted to let you know that I have posted up photographs of myself wearing the suit across multiple different online forums and that I have so far received several hundred emails and comments of approval and "Likes" and "Loves"! People are raving about this suit! The fineness of the workmanship and fit and styling! Everyone wants to know where I got it. I have been referring them to you. I have been giving you nothing but the highest accolades as you deserve. I also let them know that they should get on yr mailing list. There are a great many who will be very pleased to become yr clients once things are sorted out my Friend. May the Lord bless you and keep you and I cannot wait for things to be back to normal so I can order more of this pattern of suit in several different fabrics. Take care, Sir, and thank you.
 Evan E....Van Nuys, CA, USA
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