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I don´t remember how I found your web site but this test case was a successful launch and we hit the target. I received two responses, one which was from somewhere in the Orient was a bit hokey...offers of free ties, etc. The other was ´Greetings from your tailors in Thailand´, Mycustomtailor International Tailors in Bangkok. In addition to having a very good web site, being a good tailor, Mycustomtailor is a marvelous pen pal. He writes the most gracious old world letter. i.e.,´Do feel welcome to leave us your very valuable comments on our service, quality and workmanship at our website and we will do our best to incorporate any constructive criticism that you do afford us into your future orders. ´Stuff like that. At any rate, the suit is at the cleaners and I plan to be in it in a few days and will, hopefully, dazzle all who see me with my Thailandish whiteness. Thanks to you for putting Mycustomtailor and me and the white suit together. Don Z. M - U.S.A.

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