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A narrow striped cotton fabric with alternate stripes crinkled in the weaving that has a crepe-stripe effect. Colored stripes are often used alternating with white. Seersucker has a matte surface in light, and medium to heavy weights. The woven crinkle is produced by alternating slack and tight yarns in the warp. This effect is permanent. Some seersucker cloths may be produced by pressing/ironing or a chemical treatment, which is unlikely to be permanent. Seersucker is also called plisse. It is durable and is especially appropriate for very hot summers. It can be laundered without having to iron; it is essentially wrinkle resistant by nature. It can be bleached, yarn dyed, or printed. Some seersucker fabrics come in a check or plaid effect as well. Seersucker has many uses; summer suits, coats, uniforms, trims, nightwear, sportswear, dresses, blouses, children´s wear of all kinds, curtains, bedspreads, slipcovers, etc.
Since we do not stock seersucker, email uswe can source it from our suppliers. Generally, colors such as light blue on white, navy on white, black on white and grey on white are easily available.

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