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- Squirrel tail silk is a matte finish light weight, flowing drape, easy care, wrinkle resistant, washable silk synthetic blend. It works well in a very light summer suit or a heavy evening shirt.
- A Thai Silk blend, a shirt fabric, is a gloss finish, shiny, easy care, light weight, wrinkle resistant, washable silk terelene blend fabric and excellent for evening dress wear.
- Pure Thai Silk is a stiffer, gloss finish, hand woven, pure silk fabric with a glossy dressy finish that is ideal for an elegant evening shirt, worn without a jacket.
It makes a very rich suit for evening wear. Pure Thai Silk should only be dry cleaned.
- Chinese silks are sand washed and have a velvety finish. These silks are extremely light weight, with a flowing drape. These two-tone matte finish materials should be hand washed only.
Chinese silks are mainly used for but in different weights can be used for different types of garments.
- The silk-cashmere blend is an excellent 10 ounce weight material, ideal for a suit that can be worn year-round. It has a soft feel and a gloss finish.
Imbued with subtle elegance, this silk, cashmere, wool and viscose blend make it very wrinkle resistant.
- Raw silk is a fancy, 9 ounce weight fabric for year-round wear. It has a matte nubby fleck finish that brings out a raw appearance. This is a silk/terelene blend material and extremely wrinkle-resistant for men´s and women´s suits, and sports jackets or blazers.

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