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We can certainly make a suit/shirt or even a coat, custom made in poplin/cotton/wool/silk or any other fabric. Use the fabric-search function on the left menu and type in the word ´silk´ or ´poplin´ to conduct a quick search for materials and colors. If the specific fabric or color you are looking for is not found, email us with the color requirement so that we can source it for your particular order.

Other commonly asked questions about Fabrics and Styles

  1. I would like to order custom denim jackets/coats/slacks/jeans.
  2. I am looking for a particular color.
  3. What is linen? Is it a good choice for custom garments?
  4. What is fabric popularity and how is it judged?
  5. I have a particular fabric in mind, how do I search for it?
  6. What are the most popular fabrics? What are votes on fabrics?
  7. I am looking for wrinkle resistant fabrics that are durable for everyday wear.
  8. Which fabric mills do you obtain your fabrics from? Where do most of your fabrics come from?
  9. What is PVC ? What is Pleather ?
  10. I am looking for fabric care information
  11. I want to know more about various silk types
  12. What fabrics do you have in the Closeouts Category? What are Exclusive Closeouts? Deluxe Closeouts?
  13. What material and colour has been used in the Style image I like ? I want to order the same.
  14. How can I order a garment from one collection in a fabric from another collection?
  15. I am a woman, but I like men´s style shirts and suits. How do I order them ?
  16. How can I order custom-made denim jeans?.
  17. I would like to order a suit/shirt in white/cream/blue/yellow/pink/orange or in a color not shown on your site. What Fabric is best for such a garment?
  18. I would like to buy fabric only. Do you sell by the yard ? What is the cost per yard?
  19. I am looking for a particular fabric. Can you source a fabric I am looking for?
  20. Where and how do I view the various fabrics?
  21. Does My Custom Tailor make custom clothes with fabric I provide?
  22. Does My Custom Tailor customize to any style?
  23. Can you make a custom piece of clothing from an image I send to you?
  24. Can I order swatches?
  25. I would like to know more about Textiles.
  26. Where can I find more information about fashion and clothing?
  28. How can I order a CATALOGUE of your products?
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