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The fabrics in our Classic Collections are all made in Thailand and have a higher synthetic content to make them more wrinkle resistant and easy to maintain. These fabrics are excellent for traveling and they make very cost effective suits. The Exclusive Collections fabrics are all imported with minimal synthetic blends and are generally lighter in weight. They have a softer drape and fall. These fabrics are richer in look and feel.The Deluxe Collection fabrics are pure wool, cashmere, and other premier fabrics imported from countries like Italy, France and the the UK. These materials do not contain any synthetic fibers. If you are willing to pay a little more for an exceptionally tailored suit or related accessory, we recommend you order Exclusive or Deluxe Collection fabrics. Order shirts from the Classic Collections and you will enjoy great quality and exceptional value.
Many first-time clients order from our Classic Collections for suits to confirm the fit, the cut of our products, and the extraordinary level of personal service before investing in higher-end selections.
The fabrics in the HERITAGE GOLD COLLECTIONS are sourced from top-end suppliers such as Dormieul, Holland and Sherry, Reda, Barberis and others in Europe. These fabrics are among the best available in the world and cost us more to import, contributing to their higher prices.
The DELUXE COLLECTIONS itself is a very high-end fabric range comparable to the best there is, but since it is stocked in our inventory, economies of scale allow us to produce high quality and reasonable prices. For the sake of comparison, an equivalent suit to our single breasted two piece from the Classic Collections sells in the USA for around USD 600 off the rack. An equivalent of our single breasted two piece suit from the exclusive collections retails in the USA for around USD 750+. A suit equivalent to our deluxe collection single breasted suit retails for USD 950 in the USA.
Fabrics from our HERITAGE GOLD collections are rarely available as off-the-rack suits and are generally found only at very high-end custom tailors such as those on Saville Row, England. The suits in our HERRITAGE GOLD collection, if found off-the-rack and ready-to-wear from a designer label, generally retails for USD 1500 + and if made to measure by a custom tailor in the UK or the USA, would generally go for USD 2500+ or GBP 1800+.

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