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You can select neckties and cuff links from our Ready-to-Wear collections using links in the menu. These items can be shipped within 24 to 72 hours if they are in stock. If there is an existing order under production, items in the ready to wear collections will be consolidated with the existing order. If you are selecting neckties or cuff links during the process of ordering suits, shirts and other garments, then these items will be hand picked by our master tailors to match the garments you are ordering. This option is very much like in the old days when haberdashers used to personally select the best tie and other accessories for each ensemble they made. We also offer this opportunity to allow our master tailors and craftsman to personally match the items to the custom garments being constructed. Each accessory is hand selected and personally requisitioned for the individual. Should a necktie, cuff link, belt or scarf be ordered, give us an indication of personal preferences in the special request section of the order placement process.

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