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Our Tailors is Visiting your city this month! Get fitted by our Expert Master Tailors! Order Custom made Suits, Custom Tailored Shirts, Blazers, Coats more. Hand Made in latest styles & colors you love! Customized by our expert craftsmen for the perfect fit. See our Tailoring Trunkshow schedule or Make an Appointment with the Tailor today!

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All our pieces are individually made-to-measure and not adjustments to off-the-rack garments. We can replicate off-the-rack designer styles to meet individual preferences.
The special request section of the order placement process is used to indicate the style you want replicated by including a link to an image or referring to an image that shows it. Send Us as an attachment. If you send an image attachment, do so in JPEG format that ends in the extension .jpg and is no larger than 50 kb in size. If there are multiple images, please send them as a zip file.
Links to online images can also be used.

When placing the order, select one of the collections on our website and select the item category you wish to order. Then select any style and choose a fabric and color. Click on the "ok" button to add it to the shopping cart and on subsequent special request sections, indicate the style variations or reference the style to be replicated. This information will then be incorporated into the order. Measurements are provided by logging into your account, setting up a profile, and submitting measurements. When you use our measurement forms and view our video tutorials you can specify exact measurements for the garments you order.

It takes seven to ten working days to complete an order and three to four working days in transit for final delivery, worldwide.

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