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There is a wide discrepancy between what an off-the-rack clothing supplier and a custom tailor present to their clients in terms of service and the finished product.
An off the rack producer makes clothes that will be accepted and popular with select consumer groups and mass produces them for broad distribution.
A Custom Tailor like My Custom Tailor, determines what an individual client wants and produces garments that meet those specifications. Our job is to produce well designed, well fitting, custom made garments that are made to measure. Clients buy the styles they prefer from sources they are most comfortable with and trust. Custom tailors work with clients to discover their preferences for style, fabric, color, and finishing detail. They show images, discuss options, answer questions, and most importantly listen to client feedback. They advise on how to meet clients needs efficiently and cost effectively. Since there is a wide range of client tastes, we offer both traditional and more modern styles and work to create each individual piece from scratch.

The images we show on our website are general indications or outlines of what is available and what is currently popular.
Customization begins with a selection of a basic suit, shirt, or other garment. Today, more so than ever, individual preference and a wide selection range, guide the buying process. Consumers are less likely today to buy what others are wearing or what is advertised. Current styles may influence the thought process but in the end consumers want to wear what they like, fits them best and makes them feel good about themselves.

Traditional styles are still very popular. The roots of many Custom Tailors originate from working with traditional styles and cuts of clothing. Our focus and commitment lie in ensuring that the clothing fits well, is comfortable, and whenever possible is flattering. While we maintain our mastery of traditional styles, we easily and creatively produce custom pieces that reflect modern styles, fabrics, colors, and in some cases strong differentiation.

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