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Morning Dress Pants are a specific category of men´s formal dress. They are worn with a Top Hat and Tails and are most frequently worn by male members of a wedding party. In common with Court Dress, Mess Dress and White Tie Dress, Morning Dress is usually reserved for particularly prestigious or very formal occasions. Despite the name, Morning Pants are usually worn any time before 5pm. It is also becoming increasingly common to continue wearing them into the evening. Morning Pants should not have turn-ups (cuffs), and should have one pleat to each leg. Braces should be worn to prevent the waistband from appearing beneath the waistcoat. Typically Morning Pants are charcoal grey with stripes and are worn with Dove Tail Morning Coats and White Waistcoats. We recommend the highest quality Exclusive and Deluxe Selections for Morning Pants. These fabric types are imported from Italy, France and the U.K., and are all pure wool and cashmere, unless otherwise specified.

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